Christmas Tips

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What are some great Christmas tips when shopping from your list?

Christmas Tips

If you have an extra long list of Christmas Tips but a limited amount of time to shop, make your first stop a major department or discount store. These places have a wider variety of items and you'll be able to knock off a large quantity of your list quickly. Drop by specialty stores at the last minute to finish off your last remaining items. These stores tend to be less crowded, so save them for later in the holiday rush.



8/4/2006 1:24:47 PM
Kenneth said:

"If you have an extra long list of Christmas Tips ..."?

"Tips"???? . . .

Umm, I _think_ you meant
'If you have an extra long list of Christmas gifts to shop for ...'.

Nay I recommend
'If you have an extra long Christmas shopping list ..'

since it includes the shopping for decorating and entertainment, as well as for gift-giving.


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