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What are some Christmas celebrations ideas for alleviating my children's pent up excitement?

Advent Calendar for Christmas Celebrations

To alleviate some of the pent up excitement over the impending holiday, try buying an advent calendar for Christmas celebrations. Every day in December, your kids will be greeted with a new surprise. If you'd like to make an easy version of your own, just tape a piece of hard candy to each block on a wall calendar and let your children enjoy a treat each day until Christmas.

What are some Santa Claus facts?

Santa Claus Facts

Here are some santa claus facts: Ever wonder what Santa Claus is called in other countries? In England, he's Father Christmas, with a slightly longer beard and a longer coat. In France, he's known as Pere Noel. In China, he's known as Shengdan Laoren. And in Germany he's dubbed Christindl, the Christ Child. For more Santa Claus facts, visit this site:

What are other Christmas ideas for kids during other holidays?

Christmas at Halloween - Christmas Ideas for Kids

To incorporate Christmas into your kids' trick-or-treating fun, let them dress up as Christmas characters. Christmas costumes could include Santa's helpers, snowmen, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, the Grinch, or even the jolly old elf himself.

How can my children track Santa's whereabouts for Christmas fun?

Track Santa for Christmas Fun

Watch your children's eyes light up as they track Santa's progress on Christmas Eve for some Christmas fun. As Santa travels around the world, they can watch him coming ever closer. Animated and interactive, this site serves as the perfect incentive to get your children to go to bed.

What are some Christmas craft ideas for kids?

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

So, it's Thanksgiving Day and the kids are whining, "When do we eat?" Keep them occupied by putting them to work on a simple Christmas craft ideas for kids. Not only will it get them out of your hair, they'll complete their first craft for the holiday season.

What are some fun Christmas family ideas?

Family Movie Night - Kids Christmas Ideas

You know them by heart. Now share the magic with your entire family with some kids Christmas ideas. Curl up on the couch to watch "Its a Wonderful Life", "Miracle on 34th Street" or "White Christmas". If there's any popcorn left over, string it for the Christmas tree.

What are some Christmas ideas for kids?

Character Gloves - Christmas Ideas for Kids

Let your kids have a bit of fun with their winter gloves with these Christmas ideas for kids. Let each finger of the glove serve as a different holiday character. Use pompoms, felt or fabric scraps and mini googly eyes for decorating. A few ideas: 1. A snowman with a felt cylinder hat and fringed scarf. 2. An elf with a green felt hat complete with feather. 3. A Santa Claus, using cotton balls for beard and hat trim. 4. A reindeer with tiny twigs for antlers.

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