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How can I add a family tradition to my holiday Christmas fun?

Family Ornaments - Fun Christmas Tree Ideas

This fun Christmas tree idea comes compliments of my favorite soap opera, "Days of Our Lives". The Horton family has an annual tradition of decorating their tree with ornaments emblazoned with each members name. If someone cannot be present that year, their loved ones place it on the tree for them, remembering them fondly in the process. Why not start this warm traditon in your own family? Buy some large, well-made glass balls, and adorn each one in glitter with a name. Gather the family together just before Christmas and let each one add his/her ornament to the tree. This tradition can be passed down through the generations, and will be added to often as new members join the family.

How can I add some sparkle to my Christmas tree decorating ideas?

Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Add clear crystal or glass ornaments to your Christmas tree decorating ideas. Hummingbirds and icicles are popular choices. The glass will pick up the lights on the tree and reflect the glow throughout the room. Hint: This works best if you use colored lights on your Christmas tree.

How can I make unique holiday candle holders for Christmas table decorations?

Wine Glass Candles - Christmas table decorations

Add a little holiday color to your Christmas table decorations. Take large wine glass and glue a bit of glitter along the upper rim (make sure it will peel off if you intend to use the glasses again.) Now fill the glasses with a mixture of water and food coloring. (Red and green add a festive touch.) Place a floating candle on top and light for a colorful glow.

How do I hang garland around a door for my Christmas celebrations?

Hanging Garland and Christmas Tree Decorating Party

There is a new product on the market called "Hook and Hang" which are plastic hooks that attach to almost any surface but come off without leaving any damage. These are great for hanging just about anything when having a Christmas tree decorating party. Depending on the size of your garland, I'd recommend at least three, one at the top of the door and one on each side. If you cannot find these, you can also try an over the door wreath hanger and some poster putty. Loop the garland over the wreath hanger, then secure the sides with the putty.

How can I add an old fashioned touch to my decorating scheme using homemade Christmas decorations?

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Throughout the year, keep your eyes open for old fashioned runner sleds. These make great homemade Christmas decorations. What you'll need: 1. A runner sled 2. Pine or fir boughs (cut some from the bottom of your tree) 3. Large velvet bow. 4. 100 string lights 5. Glue gun Using a hot glue gun, glue tree boughs to the top of the sled, filling in all gaps for a lush look. Wrap the lights loosely around the sled. Add a coordinating bow to the sled's handle. Plug in and enjoy! Makes a wonderful indoor or outdoor decoration. If you are going to use these inside, however, I suggest making them very close to the holiday, as the needles tend to fall quickly.

How can I decorate my entire house for a nice Christmas home décor?

A Multitude of Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Instead of just one tree, try putting Christmas tree decorations in various rooms of your home. You can buy small potted trees for about $5 if you don't have room for a larger one. Kids will especially enjoy having their own tree in their room.

How can I create a unique Christmas tree decorating look?

Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree Decorating

For a different look this Christmas, try old-fashioned Christmas tree decorating. They will give your home a festive, yet much simpler, holiday look. Gather pine cones, pine boughs, plaid fabric and red velvet bows. Hang the bows at your windows. String the pine bows along your staircase railing and across your mantle. And use lots of candles. Not only will this be a unique look, it will be less expensive when your electric bill arrives. Be creative, and have fun!

How can I make Christmas table decorations at the last minute?

Twinkling Centerpiece and Christmas Table Decorations

Need Christmas table decorations in a hurry. This one can be done in under ten minutes. All you need is: a short pillar candle, a footed ornamental dish, 20 or more round glass ornaments in your favorite colors, a round or square mirror about 12 inches wide.(optional) 1. Place your candle in the center of your dish. 2. Carefully stack the oranments around the candle base. Be sure to keep them away from the candle wick. 3. To make your centerpiece really shine, place it on top of the mirror. If you're going to use your arrangement on a mantel or shelf, prop the mirror up behind it and watch it glow.

Is there any Christmas tips on what I can do with my leftover ornaments?

Unused Ornaments - Great Christmas Tips

Almost everyone has left over ornaments. Either we have too many to fit on the tree or we have some whose hooks are missing and can no longer be hung. Don't leave them lying in boxes. Fill glass bowls or empty baskets with several for great Christmas table decorations. Strategically place them around the house for a bit of sparkle all over.

How do I make potpourri lights using mason jars for a great Christmas home décor?

Potpourri Lights and Christmas Home Décor

These are all the rage right now and you won`t believe how simple they are to create. They`re a quick, low-priced and stunningly luminescent way to add some light to your Christmas home décor. What You`ll Need: *A one quart, wide-mouthed canning jar (Be sure to check that it is heat resistant.) *A 20 bulb string of lights (All white will stand out best.) *A bag of potpourri (You choose the scent!) *An eight inch crocheted doily (Or any circular fabric that can serve as a lid topper.) *A one foot length of satin or velvet ribbon in holiday colors Before you begin, test the lights to make sure they work. Rim the bottom perimeter of the jar with four to five lights, then add some potpourri. Continue this layering process, alternating between lights and potpourri until all of the bulbs are covered. Make sure you leave the cord outside of the jar so you can plug it in. Instead of replacing the lid, secure the doily over the top, weaving the ribbon through it. Tie into a bow, plug in and enjoy! The heat from the lights will warm the potpourri and spread the fragrance throughout the room.

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