Potpourri Lights and Christmas Home Décor

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How do I make potpourri lights using mason jars for a great Christmas home décor?

Potpourri Lights and Christmas Home Décor

These are all the rage right now and you won`t believe how simple they are to create. They`re a quick, low-priced and stunningly luminescent way to add some light to your Christmas home décor. What You`ll Need: *A one quart, wide-mouthed canning jar (Be sure to check that it is heat resistant.) *A 20 bulb string of lights (All white will stand out best.) *A bag of potpourri (You choose the scent!) *An eight inch crocheted doily (Or any circular fabric that can serve as a lid topper.) *A one foot length of satin or velvet ribbon in holiday colors Before you begin, test the lights to make sure they work. Rim the bottom perimeter of the jar with four to five lights, then add some potpourri. Continue this layering process, alternating between lights and potpourri until all of the bulbs are covered. Make sure you leave the cord outside of the jar so you can plug it in. Instead of replacing the lid, secure the doily over the top, weaving the ribbon through it. Tie into a bow, plug in and enjoy! The heat from the lights will warm the potpourri and spread the fragrance throughout the room.



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