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What should I do if I'm sending a homemade Christmas gift idea like cookies and other goodies to a warm climate?

A Homemade Christmas Gift Idea - Shipping Cookies to Warm Climates

For a homemade Christmas gift idea, if you're sending cookies to Aunt Irma in Miami, here are some tips to keep in mind. Stay away from jelly-filled and iced varieties which will stick together and become a sloppy mess. Avoid at all costs chocolate chip cookies and candies which will more than likely melt.

Are Christmas candles a good Cristmas present?

Christmas Candles

Christmas candles make excellent Christmas decorations. They can also make excellent Christmas gifts. You can buy candles in any shape, color or scent to fit the personality of the person you're buying for. Or you can make your own and put them in any container you choose. Some ideas for candle containers include champagne glasses, margarita glasses, canning jars, decorative bowls and much, much more.

What is a special and unique Christmas gift idea to give?

Books as Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone loves a good book. Visit bookstores, antique shops, hospital resale shops and other book sales throughout the year to shop for the right Christmas gift giving idea for that somebody special. You can pick up books, usually quite a few for a small amount of money, to give as gifts. At antique shops or flea markets, keep your eyes open and you just might find a classic or a rare edition of the favorite book of someone on your list.

How can I remove price tags from my Christmas gifts?

Removing Price Tags - Christmas Gift Wrapping

Ever get frustrated trying to remove those sticky price tags? Here's some handy Christmas ideas and tips. Just apply the warm air from your hair dryer to the area and the tag will peel of with ease!

What are some Christmas gift giving ideas for someone who is difficult to buy for?

Buy Your Family and Friends a Unique Christmas Gift Idea

If your family is all grown up or you older relatives are hard to buy for because they already have everything they need, try one of these Christmas gift giving ideas: 1. Buy them tickets to their favorite events. 2. Purchase gift certificates for their favorite restaurant and enjoy a family night out. 3. Plan a large family vacation. Stuff stockings with brochures or items from that region. Then enjoy each other's company later in the year.

What are some unique Christmas gift ideas I buy that my whole family will enjoy?

Ideas for Christmas Gifts

For Christmas gift giving ideas, give a gift that the whole family can enjoy together. Buy a group of tickets for a sporting event, a broadway show, a figure skating exhibition or a musical concert. You can buy them all at once with your credit card and get a major gift out of the way for several people. Plus, this is a gift you can savor after the stress of the holidays is through.

How can my child have better Christmas celebrations?

Letters to Secret Santa

In the holiday spirit and want to play Secret Santa? Each year, the United States Post Office receives thousands of letters to the jolly old elf. These letters are answered by charities, post office volunteers or anyone who wants to help make a child's holiday wishes come true. Each post office is different, so you will need to ask about the Santa letters. If your local post office participates, simply pick up a letter or two and buy one or more of the gifts the child has asked for. Return them, unwrapped, to the post office and let them do the rest. A great way to make a child's holiday brighter!

How can I build up the excitement for a much wanted gift for a great Christmas idea and tip?

A Christmas Celebration Scavenger Hunt

These Christmas ideas and tips works especially well for most-wanted items on a child or adult's wish list. Let them open all of their other presents first. As they try to hide their disappointment, hand them a clue. You'll need to set this up in advance. Each clue should lead them to another and eventually to the coveted gift.

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