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Is it proper to invite my in-laws and friends to the Christmas parties if they did not receive a Christmas invitation?

Inviting In-Laws to Family Gatherings and Christmas Parties

Check with your host first before inviting in-laws to Christmas parties. If yuor host doesn't mind the extra guests, then by all means it is proper to extend an invite. However, don't make them feel like they have to come. They may feel uncomfortable spending the holidays with people they don't know well or they might already have other plans. Let them know the Christmas invitation stands and you would love to have them if they would like to come.

What are some ideas on having Christmas eve dinner?

Christmas Eve Dinner

Make your holiday feast for your Christmas Eve dinner and set out your Christmas table decorations, then sit back and relax on Christmas day. Indulge in all those goodies and make sandwiches from leftovers. Stay out of the kitchen and spend more time with your loved ones. One day of calorie splurging never hurt anyone.

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