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Is there a real santa?

The Real Santa Claus

There is a real Santa Clause. Saint Nicholas, a bishop from what is now the country to Turkey, gave presents to the poor. He was not so well known in the past but he is most famous now.

Still today, he stands as traditional figurehead for Christmas. Many people now follow in his traditions as we celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to friends, family and often giving to the poor.

How do you dust off an artificial prelit Christmas tree?

Dusting and Protecting an Artificial prelit Christmas tree

To dust, it is recommended you use some those new, dry dusters. Do not use anything wet to dust. Swiffer brand dry dusters are highly recommended.

To prevent dust and bugs and other things from harming your Christmas tree, be sure to store it in appropriate containers. Thin plastic bags may melt and stick to the tree in hot summer weather. A large solid plastic storage bin may be better, or a heavy-duty plastic lined cardboard box may substitute. You can also just wrap the tree in heavy-duty trash bags. Many of the artificial Christmas tree can be taken apart for easier storage.

How does santa know that were sleeping and were awake

Santa Knows When You Are Sleeping

Santa has very sharp hearing. Before he enters your house, he listens for the still breathing of everyone in the household.

He will only come down the chimney when he is sure everyone is asleep. This does not prevent children from waking while he is still there. He gets so busy setting out his gifts that he might forget to listen. It is on rare occasion, of course, a child will spy him.

Don't fret though; he won't disappear because someone woke up. He will often assure the child and send the child off to bed, finish his work and with a tap to his nose, go right up the chimney and on his way.

How long do artificial Christmas trees usually last?How much do they usually cost?

The Economics of Buying Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are reported to last 10 to 20 years or more, depending on the quality of care that is taken for the tree through Christmas and when stored. Any of the artificial Christmas trees purchased now may last just as long.

The prelit artificial Christmas trees may last a few years, but the prelit part of the tree may malfunction, depending on the quality. If one bulb goes out, all the others may go out too, making it nearly impossible to find the bulb to replace.

A real Christmas tree may cost $20 to $40. Artificial Christmas trees have come down in price, averaging $60 to $70 for most trees.

What should you write on a office Christmas party invitation?

Office Christmas Party Invitation

Office Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. When writing invitations, simply saying, "You are invited to (company name)'s Christmas Party" should be enough.

Always remember to list the following things on the invitation to avoid confusion:

·Who is hosting the party? The company or is it an individual in the company?

·Do guests need to confirm they will be attending?

·Date – Write what day of the week (Friday or Saturday) and include the exact date (December 23rd 2006)

·Time – Include the time the party starts, when it may end and any details as to when dinner may be served and any other special events.

·If cocktails are provided, are they free or do people need to bring cash to purchase. May guests bring their own drinks?

·Are gifts going to be exchanged?

·What should attendees wear?

·Are the invited people allowed to be friends and family along, or is it exclusively for office workers. Are children permitted to attend?

I am trying to find a saftey cover for the cable outlet, not the wire or an electrical outlet, but something similar to cover the plate (with the cable cord in it.)Plese help- (not any found at babies r us)

Covering Cable Outlets

For safety, if the cable cord is still plugged in, use electrical table wrapped around the cord and the wall to prevent disconnection.

For an unused cable outlet, you can remove the cable cover plate and removed the cable box if needed. You can also try using electrical tape to securely cover the plate and the outlet to keep children's fingers out of them.

You can use a weatherproof plate, which covers an entire outlet.

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