Office Christmas Party Invitation

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What should you write on a office Christmas party invitation?

Office Christmas Party Invitation

Office Christmas parties can be a lot of fun. When writing invitations, simply saying, "You are invited to (company name)'s Christmas Party" should be enough.

Always remember to list the following things on the invitation to avoid confusion:

·Who is hosting the party? The company or is it an individual in the company?

·Do guests need to confirm they will be attending?

·Date – Write what day of the week (Friday or Saturday) and include the exact date (December 23rd 2006)

·Time – Include the time the party starts, when it may end and any details as to when dinner may be served and any other special events.

·If cocktails are provided, are they free or do people need to bring cash to purchase. May guests bring their own drinks?

·Are gifts going to be exchanged?

·What should attendees wear?

·Are the invited people allowed to be friends and family along, or is it exclusively for office workers. Are children permitted to attend?



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