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What are some cheap Christmas gift ideas?

Gift Certificates - Personalized Christmas Presents

Did you ever notice that every gift you buy is 50% off the day after Christmas? Buy a few inexpensive cheap Christmas gifts or staples that do not go on sale. Let your family enjoy the fun of unwrapping these items. Then buy mall wide gift certificates and let everyone bask in the glow of the post-holiday sales. You'll get twice as much bang for your buck!

How can I make personalized Christmas gifts?

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Those store bought stockings don't have to be ho-ho hum. Add your own unique touch by scripting the recipient's name in glitter paint, cross-stitch lettering, or stick on calligraphy for a personalized Christmas gift. You can even make these for your pets. Quickly sew together an all white cotton stocking and paint spots or patches that match your dog or cat's fur on the body. Trim the cuff with their name.

How can I find antique Christmas gifts?

Antique Christmas Gifts

Instead of buying brand new items for close friends and relatives, be on the lookout for unusual items at Yard Sales, Garage Sales and Estate auctions. Online auctions, such as EBay make the search for antique Christmas gifts simple. Perhaps it's a favoite toy or book from childhood or a cookie jar for Mom that you broke as a child. Whatever you're looking for, it's sure to put a smile on their face and a memory in their heart.

What are some homemade Christmas gift ideas?

Coupon Book - Cheap Christmas Gifts Ideas

Do you have more time than money to spend this year? Or perhaps you have a "hard to buy for" person on your list? Here's the perfect solution. Give them a homemade Christmas gift ideas coupon book filled with vouchers that can be redeemed throughout the year. Offer them: breakfast in bed, a free car wash, babysitting duties, or a lunch date. Be creative, the possibilities are endless.

How can I make a unique Christmas gift for that special someone in my life?

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Aside from the usual homemade cookies and goodies, there is a very unique Christmas gift that you can make. This idea would work best for young couples. Save special or ordinary items from your first date (e.g., a credit card reciept from dinner, a movie ticket stub, a flower), items that have some significance to your first date. Decoupage the items, along with pictures or special memories that you've written, to make a collage. Put it in a nice frame and give it to that special someone.

What personalized Christmas gifts should I look for while on vacation?

Vacation Flavor - Unique Christmas Presents

Though it might be the last thing on your mind while you're on vacation, purchase some holiday personalized Christmas gifts with the flavor of the region you are visiting. Savannah pralines, New Orleans canned gumbo, Mickey Mouse items from Disney World, even Florida oranges make great gifts. Just make sure your purchases will keep until the holiday.

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