Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

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How can I take some the drudgery out of Christmas gift-wrapping?

Christmas Gift Wrapping as You Go

Do Christmas gift wrapping as you buy them so you're not stuck doing them all at the last minute. To keep prying eyes from knowing what is what, mark initials or a secret code in an inconspicuious spot. Only you will know what gifts are for whom.

What should I do if I run out of Christmas nametags?

Homemade Sticker Recipe - Homemade Wrapping Paper

There's nothing worse than discovering you've run out of gift tags while doing last minute Christmas gift wrapping. Why ruin a beautiful package by writing on it or marking it up with loads of tape and unprofessional, make-do tags? Here's an easy solution to your dilemma. You can put away that roll of scotch tape and try this neat alternative instead. Mix 2 parts white glue (such as Elmer's) with 1 part household vinegar. Add your favorite flavoring to taste. You can use a liquid flavoring or regular old Kool-Aid mix. Cut out pictures from Christmas cards, magazines or computer printouts, apply two coats of the mixture, allowing to dry between coats. Just lick and stick. Voila, instant stickers, gift tags, address labels, etc.

How can I add a personalized touch by Christmas gift wrapping?

A Personalized Touch - Christmas Gift Toppers

Stock up on plenty of $1 ornaments (or better yet buy them at year end clearance sales). Try to find themes that correspond with your recipients' interests and hobbies. Instead of costly bows, tie or glue an appropriate oranament to your packages. If you really want to get creative, you can write the recipient's name in permanent marker on the ornaments and use them as nametags for Christmas as well.

How can I keep snoopers from finding out about their gifts while I am wrapping Christmas presents?

Coordinated Christmas Gift Wrap

If you have a family full of snoopers you can outwit them. Instead of adding Christmas nametags while wrapping Christmas presents, wrap each person's gifts in a different kind of paper. Only you know the color scheme. So, if someone finds gifts early, they'll never know which ones are theirs.

How can I conceal a surprise Christmas gift after wrapping Christmas presents?

Christmas Ideas and Tips - A Surprise Christmas Gift

If the shape of your gift's box gives away its contents, try using the practical joker method of wrapping Christmas presents. (This works best for small gifts.) Wrap your gift, then keep putting it into consecutively larger boxes, wrapping each one as you go. Your recipients may become exasperated, but the look on their faces is worth the effort involved.

How should I package edible Christmas gifts?

Christmas Ideas and Tips - Packing Edible Gifts

If you're giving edible treats as Christmas ideas and tips follow these directions (especially if your packages will be travleing through the mail): 1. Make sure cookies are thoroughly baked so they don't stick together. 2. Wrap each cookie in plastic wrap or wax paper. 3. Crumple wax paper or bubble wrap between the layers of your containers. 4. If you don't have cookie tins, recycle coffee cans. 5. If sending through the mail, surround the containers completely with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts. Allow no room for jarring.

What are some more gift containers ideas?

Santa Sacks - More Gift Containers Ideas

Santa sacks make perfect gift containers for school-aged children. They can neatly pack up their goodies and presents for bus rides home. The good new is, you can make or buy them ahead of time and just let the kids embellish them. Here's how! 1. Sew up a red velvet drawstring bag. If needlework isn't your thing, you can purchase similar ones in the jewelry section of most department stores. 2. Trim top edge with synthetic "Santa" fur, being sure to leave room for the drawstrings. 3. Use fabic paint to add child's name, holiday decoartions, etc. 4. Fill with candy, cookies, a letter from Santa, etc.

How can I create a unique Christmas gift wrap?

Splatter-Paint Christmas Gift Wrap

Use plain white paper. Buy sponges at any hardware or craft store, or cut the shapes yourself. Dip the sponges in paint - any colors you wish - and apply to the paper. You can decorate the paper with many colors, shapes and patterns. This is a wonderful way to create a unique and special Christmas gift wrap.

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