Christmas Ideas and Tips - Packing Edible Gifts

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How should I package edible Christmas gifts?

Christmas Ideas and Tips - Packing Edible Gifts

If you're giving edible treats as Christmas ideas and tips follow these directions (especially if your packages will be travleing through the mail): 1. Make sure cookies are thoroughly baked so they don't stick together. 2. Wrap each cookie in plastic wrap or wax paper. 3. Crumple wax paper or bubble wrap between the layers of your containers. 4. If you don't have cookie tins, recycle coffee cans. 5. If sending through the mail, surround the containers completely with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts. Allow no room for jarring.



7/9/2006 9:22:12 AM
Candy said:

When my step-son was in the Navy I sent him cookies several times and put the cookies in tins and large coffee cans. I put poped popcorn in between the cookies for packing and then the box I put the tins in I used more popcorn or packing peanuts. He said they traveled very well and he also ate the popcorn that was with the cookies.


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