Christmas Ornaments to Make - Picture Keepsake Ornaments

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What are some Christmas ornaments to make?

Christmas Ornaments to Make - Picture Keepsake Ornaments

Begin these Christmas ornaments to make to remind you of that special occasion or event? Here's a quick, easy way to make one. You'll need: -Glass Christmass tree bulbs -Elasticized ribbon for hanging -Small decorations or confetti (e.g. Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, etc.) -Your favorite picture -Tweezers Make a copy of the picture you would like to use and cut the picture into a small circle, around a child's face or the faces of a bride and groom for example. Remove the top of the ornament (the area with the hook for hanging). Roll the picture into a tube and, using the tweezers, work it down into the bulb. Carefully unroll the picture as much as possible with the tweezers - it will unroll itself more in time. Add any confetti you wish, replace the top and attach the ribbon. A perfect keepsake.



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