Christmas Card Ornaments

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What are ideas for Christmas ornament crafts?

Christmas Card Ornaments

Instead of throwing away all those beautiful Christmas cards from family and friends, make Christmas ornament crafts! Here's what you'll need: 1. Matching cutouts from the front and backs of cards. (If the back of the card does not have a design, use the blank side). 2. Decorative rick rack and trim 3. Gold elasticized ribbon (for hanging) 4. Scissors 5. Glue 6. Glitter (optional) Cut out your matching shapes- circles, squares, stars- (pinking shears add a nice texture) and glue the back to the front. Trim the edges with rick rack. Cut a piece of gold elastic ribbon long enough for hanging. Fold in half and glue rough ends to the back of the ornament. Add glitter or other decorative touches as desired. Be creative and have fun. The result will be wonderful keepsakes and they're environment friendly!



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