Preserve Drying Flowers With Rose Petal Votive Candles

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How can I preserve drying flowers?

Preserve Drying Flowers With Rose Petal Votive Candles

Here's what you'll need when you preserve drying flowers: *Votive Candleholders *About 20 Rose Petals(see my other tips for drying techniques) *Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks *Votive Candles *Rubber Bands and Scissors 1. Starting at the top of the candleholder, arranging rose petals around and secure with rubberband. 2. Add another row, this time using glue to secure the petals slightly below the previous row, being sure to completely cover the rubber band. 3. Add a third (and fourth row if necessary). If the extend below the base of the candleholder, just snip the ends off. 4. Add candles, light and enjoy!



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