Terra Cotta Snowman - Kids Christmas Crafts

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Are there easy Christmas crafts to make?

Terra Cotta Snowman - Kids Christmas Crafts

Similar to the lightbulb snowman, these snowmen are quick and easy Christmas crafts to make. Buy terra cotta (clay) pots from any store. You can use any size but the 5" work best. Using masking tape, tape a strip and the bottom of the pot. This strip should be about an inch wide and will eventually become the snowman's hat. Paint the rest of the pot white, making certain that the paint covers. When the white is dry, remove the tape and paint that strip black. Paint eyes and a mouth on the snowman. Paint a small wooden button orange and glue it on as the nose. Cut a ring of black felt or foam large enough to fit over the pot to form the hat. Finally, cut two strips of Christmasy fabric. Glue one strip on as the hatband. Glue the other strip around the mouth of the pot as a scarf. Glue buttons to the hatband and scarf if you'd like. This is not a very clear picture, but it gives a general idea.



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