Food Lovers' Christmas Gift Baskets

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What kinds of Christmas gift baskets should I give as presents?

Food Lovers' Christmas Gift Baskets

*Cookie Lover - make a variety yourself or fill the Christmas gift basket with "cookies in a jar" ingredients. Lollipop cookies make for a cute presentation. Just add popsicle sticks into the middle of the dough before baking. *Candy Lover - this one's easy. Just fill a basket with your recipient's favorite sweets but add a personal touch with a stuffed Hershey's kiss or M&M guy. *Pasta Lover - the ingenuity is in the presentation. Instead of a basket, how about a stock pot for a container? Fill with gourmet pasta and sauce, parmesan cheese and a pasta stirrer. *Snack Lover - hey, if your recipient isn't a chocoholic, they probably have some other favorite snack food. Blockbuster gift certificates go great with popcorn. A new remote control complements potato chips and gourmet mustards go great with pretzels.



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