Stocking Up After Christmas

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How should I go about stocking up after Christmas?

Stocking Up After Christmas

Did you have a few mishaps this Christmas? Did you break a few ornaments, blow a few bulbs, or just mangle a few cords beyond repair? Before you box everything up for the year, take stock. Plug in all of your light sets. If they don't work, throw them away. You know you'll never be able to find the right size bulbs to replace them anyway. Was a priceless heirloom accidentally destroyed by a child's hands or an animal's paws? Put them all on your list. Buy what you can now while the sales are at their peak. Otherwise, keep that notebook handy for early purchasing next year stocking up after Christmas. Also, be on the lookout at yard sales and flea markets. You just might find that someone else's trash is your treasure!



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