Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids - Cinnamon Cutouts

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What are some easy Christmas craft ideas for kids?

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids - Cinnamon Cutouts

These ornaments are easy Christmas craft ideas for kids and will leave your whole kitchen (and tree) smelling fragrant. Here's what you'll need: *1 cup applesauce *1 cup cinnamon *1 tsp allspice *A few drops of Elmer's glue (optional, but will make your ornaments more durable) Mix everything together, roll out and cut with Christmas cookie cutters. Poke holes in the top for hanging. You can either let these air dry for 48 hours or put them in a very low temperature oven for about an hour. Just be prepared for a powerful aroma if your opt for the latter method. If you hang the completed ornaments close to the lights on your tree, the warmth of the bulbs will fill the room with the homebaked scent of cinnamon.



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